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Standard Framework of raw php!

Symfony is very heavily influenced by the Java C# ecosystem (particularly Java Spring) where as Laravel is more heavily influenced by the Ruby On Rails/ rapid development ecosystem. As a Symfony developer I am maybe slightly biased but I'd suggest that if your background is Java/.Net you will be more comfortable with Symfony.

The easiest and most flexible way to run PHP applications is using docker. There is a slight learning curve (which is transferable to almost any other language) but once you get into the docker way of working you can spin up an application with all it's dependent languages, libraries and out the box configuration very quickly and easily. Upgrading PHP or mysql or adding a new PHP extension just becomes a case of changing a config file
Your comment "the old one script per page way of doing PHP is pretty outdated" is spot on. Fundamentally this is still how PHP works so there were no big breaking changes but in practice, you configure nginx/apache to just route all requests to index.php which then calls your application to handle the request and your application routes the request to a controller depending on the actual URI.

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