Inline HV Scrollbox v1.0

by Angus Turnbull - Updated: 28 August 2002.

This script is a small, fast, cross-browser inline scroller. Features include:

Here's some content in a table.
Scroll to see more...
More content is available once you scroll right.
Some extra data can be found down here... Useful script isn't it?
This is a second scrollable page. You can have as many pages as you want within one scroll area.
They can be different sizes, colours, whatever... ...and are written as part of the HTML document.

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  • Object-orientated script means several scrollers can run on one page.
  • Can be placed inside tables or anywhere else and retains its position.
  • Can scroll horizontally and vertically.
  • Uses in-page content already inside scrolling divs.
  • Can swap between several pages per scroll area.
  • Page size autodetected by scrolling functions.
  • No IFrames used to scroll so you can position other content over it easily.
  • Scroll speeds individually customisable for each arrow mouseover/mousedown.
  • Adjustable smooth acceleration between speeds.
  • Or you can scroll to designated pixel positions in the content.
  • Small code size ensures quick loading pages.

Conditions of Use:

  1. This script is provided as-is, without a warranty of any kind, as although I strive to make it as compatible as possible I cannot guarantee it will work in all target environments, so test thoroughly.
  2. You may not redistribute this in any form, either intact or modified, without my consent.
  3. On sites that use this script, you should place a visible link to the splash page of my site, with a short description, for example: "DHTML / JavaScript provided by TwinHelix Designs". (Please don't link to individual pages within this site as my splash page detects browser capabilities). Also leave the my 'script name' comment in the source. These stop interested users emailing the webmaster asking how to acquire the scripts. If linking me doesn't suit your project...
  4. COMMERCIAL USERS: This script is 'donation-ware'. If you want to support this script and/or you are using this script as part of a commercial project, please consider making a donation via my site. After all, I have probably saved you several months developing, debugging and documenting a comparable script. Donors may take an optional exemption from a 'visible link' on the site, if that does not fit your site design.

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