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Fandom needs to RS gold

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Veröffentlicht: 05-06-2019 um 04:07 von Rskingdom

Fandom needs to RS gold make business decision, no argument there. You need to block vandals, no argument there. You need to remove links to the new site, yep, valid business decision. Saying that deleting old user pages is like painting an apartment for new tenants still makes no sense. You didn't change the wiki background pic, page layouts, formats, or anything else people actually see when they visit article pages. Very simply, it is an act of petty vengeance, and everyone knows it. If you want some petty vengeance, go for it. Just have the integrity to admit it. Right now your above reasoning sounds like Trump babble, and everyone stares and thinks "Is he serious? Does he think that? Does he expect people to believe that? There's no way..." Whiskey Straight (talk)

From our point of view, most are either very old and unused (in which case this is a housekeeping measure), they contain problematic content such as templates that generate redlinks elsewhere, for instance (also a housekeeping issue), or they were used to direct people to the new wiki (which we don't allow for reasons explained above). Those that are currently used for legitimate purposes or even just missed for nostalgic reasons, we're very happy to restore. That's also a way of taking inventory of people who are still/newly around and want to engage.

We may still change the background image or other more visible aspects of the wiki, if we see room for cheap OSRS gold improvement somewhere. We're not changing everything about the wiki

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