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River of RuneScape gold Blood

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Veröffentlicht: 22-07-2019 um 02:30 von Rskingdom

This thread includes spoilers for River of RuneScape gold Blood. You know the drill.So, at the conclusion of the vyre series as we understand it, an alliance has been struck between the humans of Misthalin and also the Vyres of Morytania. Vanescula is working with Efiarty, Safalaan and Aeons** to pacify the vampyres, having them take serums to quell their blood lust.One issue that arises is what happens when the gods come back?After all, this entire series thus far has remained in the 5th age?For now, we could assume that both sides need no role in the god wars, which is evident given the secluded nature of the area and the particularly faithless demeanor of the Vampyres.

However, there are two different parties here that definitely wish to become involved with a war.First, is that the Saradominist splinter group.Some of you might recall our beloved friend Aeonisig is highly suspected of being the saradominist mysterious person we saw in Legacy of all seergaze. His hair is distinctly like that npcs, and the npc left behind a white glove using a Saradominist superstar on it which would well fit the adviser. According to"The covenant of Perpetual Conflict", which the splinter group had agreed upon working together to fight an hone their abilities basically in preperation for the end times when-"war will go back into Gielinor, and our gods will walk . -- When that time comes? This Covenant is broken. No more will we work. Our time will have come."

After years of conspiracy and speculating theories we know that Vanstrom is indeed Ascertes. However one thing that I didn't know is that his son was able to fight his side that is vampyric like Ivandis Seergaze. My question is: Can it be rs 2007 gold likely that there was a moment where Vanstrom's human ego surfaced?

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