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I develop CMS hoped everybody has a look, to put forward your proposal

04-09-2006, 17:08 
website address:http://www.owlt.com/

OWLT CMS is a professional content management system of the website. You can freely make templates, themes, skins, module by it. That is 100% open source, which support the issue content to export to HTML document, it supplies a complete static plan. What is more, if your server can support SSI, it can export to SHTML .
OWLT CMS gives you control over your content. Create, handle, sort and store documents, files and images. Publish them in the format, channel or media you prefer.
OWLT CMS provides one platform for web publishing, intranets/extranets, document management, blogs, photo galleries, download center, multimedia website, portals and more.

· Dual Licensed: and proprietary license options
· Easy to use: direct front-end and advanced back-end administration
· Standards compliant: follows open and widely used standards
· Flexible: a flexible development framework for high level customization

04-09-2006, 17:40 
Seems you really read the forum rules

Hier könnt ihr anderen Usern eure Seite vorstellen und Bewertungen, Anregungen und Kritik sammeln. Reine Werbepostings sind auch in diesem Forum verboten!

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04-09-2006, 17:42 
Info: Ich hab's von Appz- und Scriptgesuche hierher verschoben.

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