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Die RIGID-FLEX-Technologie

Die RIGID-FLEX-TechnologieDie sogenannte "Flexible Elektronik" , oftmals auch als "Flexible Schaltungen" bezeichnet, ist eine zeitgemäße Technologie zum Montieren von elektronischen Schaltungen.


ebiz-trader 7.5.0 mit PHP7 Unterstützung veröffentlicht

ebiz-trader 7.5.0 mit PHP7 Unterstützung veröffentlichtDie bekannte Marktplatzsoftware ebiz-trader ist in der Version 7.5.0 veröffentlicht worden.


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Modal Confirm Dialog will nicht
html, javascript, ajax, jquery, css, bootstrap, less Autor : SusiSorglos Zeit : 20:17 Posts : 0

Ich habe dieses schöne Script gefunden welches es erlaubt über ein den ModalBody zu befüllen und zudem durch Klick auf "OK" den href ausführen soll.
Es war für BS3 gedacht. Deswegen habe ich in die append-Passage ein BS4 Modal eingebaut und mit den ID versehen. Nur leider funktioniert die id="kill" nicht. Mein JS ist aber so schelcht, das ich selber nicht auf die Lösung komme.

$(document).ready(function() {
$('a[data-confirm]').click(function(ev) {
var href = $(this).attr('href');

if (!$('#dataConfirmModal').length) {
$('body').append('<div id=\"dataConfirmModal\" class=\"modal fade\" tabindex=\"-1\" role=\"dialog\"> <div class=\"modal-dialog modal-dialog-centered\" style=\"width:400px\" role=\"document\"> <div class=\"modal-content\"> <div class=\"modal-header\"> <h5 class=\"modal-title\">Achtung!</h5> <button type=\"button\" class=\"close\" data-dismiss=\"modal\" aria-label=\"Close\"> <span aria-hidden=\"true\">&times;</span> </button> </div> <div class=\"modal-body\"> </div> <div class=\"modal-footer\"> <button type=\"button\" class=\"btn btn-danger\" data-dismiss=\"modal\">Nein</button> <button type=\"button\" class=\"btn btn-success\" id=\"kill\">Ja, Eintrag löschen</button> </div> </div> </div></div>');
$('#kill').attr('href', href);
return false;

[HTML]Diesen Eintrag löschen[/HTML]

If you are looking to start learning.
html, javascript, ajax, jquery, css, bootstrap, less Autor : techbud Zeit : 11:33 Posts : 0

Literally the only thing you need to start playing with JavaScript is a browser. If you’re on Google Chrome, simply hit CMD/CTRL-Shift-J on your keyboard and your browser will open the developer tools console. You can type JavaScript into this console and it will output results. Try it. Type something like 1 + 2 in the console and you’ll see 3 printed out.

Of course, eventually you’ll want to save JavaScript files. So besides a browser, a command line terminal is very useful. You will have one on your computer already. Then you need a plain text editor. Popular editors include Sublime and Atom, but even something as simple as Notepad will do (but programs like Word or Docs aren’t useful because they are not plain text - that is, they can embed other information besides text into the file). That’s pretty much all you need to begin learning JavaScript and web programming.

You can also try sites like and which allow you to write HTML (which provides the structure of a website), CSS (which allows styling of a site), and JavaScript (which provides interactivity on the web) into a virtual sandbox and see the output. They’re very helpful for playing around with new features or debugging code.

How does one become a good PHP developer?
php developer forum Autor : techbud Zeit : 11:12 Posts : 0

I'm at the point in my career where I would like to progress but looking at positions in my local area, I am missing some key skills. I am a self taught PHP developer with around 4 years experience working with design agencies. I've picked up some bad habits and learnt from some bad resources e.g. W3Schools etc.

I don't enjoy working in the agency environment anymore - no tests, copy and pasting code, poor quality and a rush to get code out the door. I'd love to work for some sort of SaaS company or a company that uses PHP for their main products and internal tooling. It would be amazing to have the freedom to work on new ideas and features without a deadline looming and constant pressure from clients, managers and whoever wants to stick their nose in![url=][color=#333333]Check-distance[/color][/url]

I learn a lot of stuff outside of work during weekends and evenings but without having the backup of a good mentor then I don't know if I'm doing it right or what. I'm trying to focus on new things and get a solid foundation, here are a few things I'm trying to learn:


PHP 7+


Design patterns


I'm trying so hard to study Javascript an HTML.
html, javascript, ajax, jquery, css, bootstrap, less Autor : clamy99 Zeit : 12:45 Posts : 0

So,I'm studying for the MTA 98-375,and it requires me to have some pretty good knowledge in HTML,CSS and Javascript. I have zero programming knowledge,but I started studying 3 days ago. I feel like I'm in over my head,but I really want to take the test in atleast 2-3 weeks. Is this unrealistic for a beginner? The objectives are Manage the application life cycle (20–25%) Build the user interface (UI) by using HTML5 (25–30%) Format the user interface by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (20–25%) Code by using JavaScript (30–35%) I'm using the Microsoft Virtual Academy and Official course book/CodeAcademy to study if anyone has any recommendation on study material im all ears.

Verwendet noch jemand rohes PHP?
php developer forum Autor : clamy99 Zeit : 12:42 Posts : 3

Symfony is very heavily influenced by the Java C# ecosystem (particularly Java Spring) where as Laravel is more heavily influenced by the Ruby On Rails/ rapid development ecosystem. As a Symfony developer I am maybe slightly biased but I'd suggest that if your background is Java/.Net you will be more comfortable with Symfony.

The easiest and most flexible way to run PHP applications is using docker. There is a slight learning curve (which is transferable to almost any other language) but once you get into the docker way of working you can spin up an application with all it's dependent languages, libraries and out the box configuration very quickly and easily. Upgrading PHP or mysql or adding a new PHP extension just becomes a case of changing a config file
Your comment "the old one script per page way of doing PHP is pretty outdated" is spot on. Fundamentally this is still how PHP works so there were no big breaking changes but in practice, you configure nginx/apache to just route all requests to index.php which then calls your application to handle the request and your application routes the request to a controller depending on the actual URI.

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Der Newsmanager ist ein Newssystem und Newsletter in einem. Mit WYSIWYG Editor und E-Mail import aus einer bestehenden MySql Datenbank sowie dynamische Kategorien / Themen Filter.

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Der Modelmanager ist ein Webtool für Fotografen, kann als komplette Homepage oder als Webtool installiert werden.

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ContentLion ist ein in PHP geschriebenes CMS, bei dem man Seiten, Einstellungen usw. in Ordnern lagern kann

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ebiz-trader 6.0 - Das professionelle PHP Marktplatz Script

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thumb_ebiz-trader-startseite.jpeg Mit unserer Lösungen können Sie nahezu jeden B2B / B2C Marktplatz betreiben den Sie sich vorstellen können. Ganz egal ob Sie einen Automarktplatz, Immobilenportal oder einfach einen Anzeigenmarkt betreiben möchten. Mit ebiz-trader können Sie Ihre Anforder...

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