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An Intranet Design Magazine Tutorial

Eingestellt am 05.06.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

Early era web developers with dynamic ambitions had little more than server side includes in their toolbelts -- it was a dark era indeed. The need for embedded server-parsed scripting languages was apparent, and Microsoft went after this hunger with their

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Custom Session Handlers in PHP4

Eingestellt am 02.06.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

This document describes how to customize the session handlers in PHP4. We will provide examples of how to write a fully functional session handler that works with DBM files and one that works with a MySQL database.

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Building Dynamic Pages With Search Engines in Mind

Eingestellt am 29.05.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

Almost any developer knows that search engine placement is critical to the success of a web site. What many people don't know is that a lot of search engines cannot index many database-driven pages

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Templates, The PHPLIB Way

Eingestellt am 12.05.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

So how are they different? FastTemplates was originally a Perl library that was ported to PHP. FastTemplates works well for Perl programs, but it's not ideal for PHP. Kristian Koehntopp wrote PHPLIB Template from the ground up as a pure PHP library to bet

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Couch Sessions

Eingestellt am 11.05.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

Need to build an online shopping cart in a hurry? This article takes a look at session management, an important component of transaction-based Web sites, and explains the fundamentals of adding session support to your site. Examples in PHP4 and PHP3 with

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A Complete, Secure User Login System

Eingestellt am 05.05.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

When I started seeing spam messages posted to the new column annotation system, I knew I would have to create some sort of user authentication system that helps weed out the losers. I'm the type that would rather write an entire library myself than try to

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PHP and XML: using expat functions

Eingestellt am 29.04.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

The Extensible Markup Language is definitely something that most developers will want to add to their toolbox. XML is a W3C standard that is open, language neutral, API-neutral, streamable, textual, human-readable and is a way of bringing structured data

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Object Oriented Programming in PHP: The way to large PHP projects

Eingestellt am 25.04.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

This arcticle introduces Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP. I will show you how to code less and better by using some OOP concepts and PHP tricks. Good luck! Concepts of object oriented programming: There're differences between authors, I can m

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Cached Dynamic Modules - The 3rd Incarnation

Eingestellt am 12.04.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

For those of you who have been interested in the evolution of the Cached Dynamic Modules, here's the 3rd Incarnation. This article is written on the assumption that you are partly familiar with the Cached Dynamic Modules script. These first few pages go o

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Managing a Simple Mailing List

Eingestellt am 09.04.2000 von Berni in der Kategorie: PHP/ Tutorial

There's a ton of mailing list software out there that one can install on a system, and there are other, more cohesive sets of scripts that you can get to do the same thing. Hopefully, someone will learn something from the tutorial.

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ebiz-trader 6.0 - Das professionelle PHP Marktplatz Script

Berni | Kommentare 12 Kommentare | Neu | Script ansehen 82118 mal angesehen | Kategorie: PHP/ Anzeigenmarkt

thumb_ebiz-trader-startseite.jpeg Mit unserer Lösungen können Sie nahezu jeden B2B / B2C Marktplatz betreiben den Sie sich vorstellen können. Ganz egal ob Sie einen Automarktplatz, Immobilenportal oder einfach einen Anzeigenmarkt betreiben möchten. Mit ebiz-trader können Sie Ihre Anforder...

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