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WannaCry stoppen & hat eine kurz Anleitung erstellt, wir Ihr Eure infizierten Windows-PCs evtl. wieder zu laufen bekommt.

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Multi-Branchen-Marktplatzsoftware 7.2.2 veröffentlichtDie Software ebiz-trader steht in der Version 7.2.2 zur Verfügung.

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Wedding Tuxedo Color Trends for 2014
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White gown. Black tux. So traditional, so classic, and, ah kind of boring. If youre a man about to get married,[url=]swimwear manufacturers[/url] you dont necessarily have to get pigeon-holed in the same style of tuxedo that groom after groom after groom before you wore when he walked down the aisle. Its 2014, times have changed, rules are meant to broken, and you can wear whatever color suit you want on your wedding day!All of us fashion-lovers at obviously want you to look your absolute best on your big day (or any day, really!), so weve gathered the newest trends for tux colors this year for any style of wedding, just in time for wedding season to really kick off!GREY[Clockwise from left: one | two | three | four ] Ideal for: An outdoor wedding with mason jars full of vintage inspiration.A crisp, neat three-piece grey suit can be really striking at a wedding for both the groom and his groomsmen. A neutral shade of grey can go with many different colors for the shirt and vest cream, pale lavender, or a light yellow, for example and can also look really stunning with a ton of bridesmaid dress shades.

(And if youre a bride-to-be who has Pinterest boards stuffed to the brim with burlap table-runners, black chalkboard seating assignments, and a maid of honor with cute cowboy boots, you might want to suggest the grey suit idea to your almost-husband.)KHAKI[Clockwise from L: one | two | three | four ]Ideal for: A sandy and sunny beach wedding, complete with bare feet and an ocean breeze.When you think khakis, you might think of going to the office 9-5 and hanging around a water cooler, but the shade doesnt always have to conjure images of a boring work day. A tan tuxedo can serve as the perfect finishing touch for a summery wedding look thats both casual and super classy.BRIGHT BLUE AND ORANGEIdeal for: Bridal parties with a good sense of humor. (Or, you know, maybe prom.)If you want to stray from a traditional wedding look and we mean really,[url=]costume manufacturers[/url] really stray you may want to consider using Lloyd and Harry as your fashion inspiration. A bright orange and baby blue tuxedo will make the men in any wedding party stand out, especially when you include a matching cane and top hat. Orange Tuxedo Shop Pink Tuxedo Shop Blue Tuxedo ShopTuxedo Costumes Shop Dumb and Dumber Costumes - ShopCREAM[ Clockwise from L: one | two | three | four ]Ideal for: A New Years Eve wedding. Fashion forward bridal parties, or for fans of The Great Gatsby.Grooms definitely should be able to wear white, too, if they want. (However, if you want to wear a cream suit, your bride should probably opt for an ivory colored dress. Trust us.) Cream is just so sharp looking! Perfect with black or navy accents, the groom and his groomsmen will look super slick walking down the aisle. This color scheme would also look particularly great with a martini in handDARK NAVY[ Clockwise from L: one | two | three | four ]Ideal for: An elegant wedding, like at a royal ball or in a castle.A dark blue is close enough to traditional black that it isnt super risky to try, but its different enough to be eye-catching and noteworthy. Navy looks great against a grey stone backdrop, lush greenery, or inside of a church. And look! Aaron Paul wore a dark blue tuxedo at his wedding. That makes it automatically cool.

Maleficent Costume Guide and Makeup Tutorial
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Maleficent is one of the most iconic villains in the Disneyverse. Or, perhaps as the new movie starring Angeline Jolie suggests, she is just one of the least understood heroines. Regardless, her style has been the envy of Disney fans for generations. This guide will show you variations of her costume to wear this Halloween,[URL=""]lingerie manufacturers china[/URL] all the accessories needed to complete the outfit, and a makeup tutorial to finish the look.Maleficent CostumesMaleficent's costume is generally a long flowing black gown with a high collar and is always accompanied by a horned headpiece. Below in our costume round up, we feature the most current Angelina Jolie variation, alongside a few other options. Angelina's on-screen Maleficent style stays true to the original Disney version, with a few fun alterations. Also displayed is the classic cartoon Maleficent costume, a sexy fashion-worthy version featuring a trendy high-low hemline, and one more variant of the storybook sorceress that incorporates feathers and colors into the design.New for 2014 Maleficent Costume - Shop Classic Maleficent Costume - ShopSexy Maleficent Costume - Shop Variant Maleficent Costume - ShopMaleficent AccessoriesThere are many accessories available to enhance your Maleficent costume.

Most of the Maleficent costumes come with a horned headpiece, but if you decide to piece your own costume together (or you just want the Angelina Jolie style horns!) you can get the headpiece separately. If you decide you want to portray Maleficent in her fairy likeness, a pair of dark angel wings is the perfect addition to your outfit! Other excellent additions include Maleficent's staff, a pet raven for your evil assistant, or a pair of green and yellow contact lenses to mystify all your subjects.Maleficent Horns Headpiece- Shop Dark Angel Wings- Shop Maleficent Staff- ShopRaven Prop- Shop Green and Yellow Contacts- ShopMaleficent Makeup TutorialThis makeup tutorial will guide you through all the steps necessary for completing your Maleficent look for this Halloween. Here are the tools and products that youll need:Eye shadow primer.Eye shadow in beige, tan,[URL=""]underwear manufacturers china[/URL] and dark brown to get the stunning smoky-eyed look.Taupe brown shadow for the accented cheekbones.Black mascara and black liquid eyeliner.Dark brown brow pencil.Deep mulberry lip liner, dark red lipstick, and red lip gloss.Eye shadow and blush brushes.Additional Resources and SuppliesLooking to go out this Halloween as a mother-daughter pair? Or perhaps with your own Prince Charming?You can find all the newest looks from this year's blockbuster hit Maleficent HERE!Browse some more classic Sleeping Beauty styles HERE.Looking for even more Maleficent-ee goodness? Check out our Disney villainess mashup on our blog, HERE!

How to Take a True Blood Inspired Vampire Selfie
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The final season of True Blood premieres this Sunday, and we can't think of any better way to pay homage to Sookie,[URL=""]wholesale halloween costumes[/URL] Bill, and the rest of the Bon Temps bunch, than by changing your social media profile pic to a seductive vampire selfie! We drew our inspiration from the classic True Blood TV poster, which features voluptuous red lips, sharp vampire fangs, a drip of gooey blood, and of course, a flirty tongue (is that you, Miley??).Basically all you need to achieve a look similar to those above is a tube of red lipstick, a pair of fangs, fake blood, and a wicked grin! But chances are, when you have those fun ingredients assembled, you'll want to have an epic selfie session and play around with different poses, accessories, and emotions!For some of our selfies, we strayed quite a bit from the classic poster image by adding touches like a fake bite wound, a pair of earings, a shiny red mani, and of course, MORE BLOOD! Here are some tips, pose ideas, and additional suggestions, on how to snap a fantastic vampy selfie sure to get Alcede's heart-a-thumpin'!

Products UsedVampire Bite Prosthetic - Shop Black Gem Cross Earrings - ShopDeluxe Vampire Fangs - Shop Vampire Blood - ShopFirst things first! Pull all of your hair up in a bun and secure it with bobby pins and hairspray. This selfie as all about the NECK, a vampire's favorite body part, so you won't want to cover it with hair! That's also why we opted for a strapless top.[URL=""]wholesale christmas costumes[/URL] (Another reason to go strapless? The fake blood can get a little messy, and you won't want to stain the straps of any of your favorite tops!)Next, apply a base foundation several shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Be sure to blend it into your face, neck, chest, and even your ears. We sealed our liquid makeup with a top coat of pressed powder as well, for a porcelein-like skin effect.Next makeup step: the lips! We used a deep red lip liner to ensure perfectly straight lines, covered the liner in a generous coat of red lipstick, and topped it all off with a layer of clear gloss. Slick on a coat of mascara, pop in your fangs, and you're ready to start snappin'.Tip: This is one time it doesn't matter if you get lipstick on your teeth, so don't stress. it looks like blooooood!Selfie Time!Sassy! This profile pic looks like it could have been taken in a back booth at Fangtasia.In sticking with the style of the TV poster, we made these selfies about showing a lot of neck skin, and keeping the focus on the lips and fangs, rather than the upper half of the face. Of course you're free to play around with the angle and show more of your eyes!Sometimes it takes a few selfie tries to catch a blood drip at JUST the right moment!To break up the bottom half of your selfie a bit, you can drip some more blood down the sides of your mouth and onto your chest. It may take a few clicks to catch the syrupy blood at just the right moment, but when you do, the effect is so eerie! In a good way!Tip: Use paper towels to cover the top half of your shirt. It's a great barrier between your clothing and the fake blood.

The gel does firm up in a few seconds and will eventually stay put, but the towels will quell any potential fear of stray droplets in the meantime! To bite, or to be bitten. That is the question. JK we choose both!We love the additional POP of red that red nail polish adds to this photo. And the vampire bite wound prosthetic? What a creepy detail. Apply the patch using the adhesive that is included in the package, and cover the flesh tones of the wound with your foundation and powder, until it matches your skin tone. From there, drizzle on as much or as little blood as you care to, and snap snap snap those selfies!Tip: For added collar bone definition, use a bronzing powder deeper than your skin tone, and apply it above and below the bone. It's may sound like a small detail, but the contrast will make a big difference! This pic is the perfect blend of seductive and scary. Flirting with that balance is what True Blood is all about!Alright, you caught us, we needed an extra set of hands to take this pic. It's the only non-selfie, selfie! Perhaps you can enlist the help of a tall, blonde, vampire of the Eric Northman variety to assist in your photoshoot? Jason Stackhouse would probably be too distracted to make sure that the angle is perfect.That's it, you vamps and vampettes! Feel free to play around with free photo editing apps like PicMonkey, which can help you highlight a particular color in your photo, like...RED! Have a fun photo session, enjoy the season premiere this Sunday, and feel free to share your finished images with us. Just use the hashtag #VampireSelfie!

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It's may be your website block in robots.txt

Konsolen Outpout umleiten
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Was machst du denn da mit dem pre-Element? Das ist nicht so sinnvoll.

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bCounter – Besucherzähler mit PHP und MySQL

bCounter wertet zahlreiche Details der Seitenbesucher aus und stellt diese übersichtlich dar. Auf der Startseite werden die wichtigsten Statistiken angezeigt, mit Links zu detailierten Informationen. bCounter erkennt die Bots der wichtigsten Suchmaschi

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XOOPS advanced CMS

XOOPS is an advanced CMS (Content Management System) backed with a number of databases (currently MySQL and PostgreSQL). XOOPS was originally based off of PHPNuke 4.4.1 and MyPHPNuke 1.8.5. It uses object-oriented PHP throughout the package, and about 70

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