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How to write a literature review

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Veröffentlicht: 08-02-2018 um 14:30 von kata

Understanding how to write a simple literature review can mean a lot for a first time researcher. According to the data gathered by essay writers from hireessaywriter.org (go to the website), in most cases, the skill of the student in writing simple essays will be crucial in writing thesis and dissertation papers. For this article, we will give you some details on how to write a literature review. This is not only about the chapter of a thesis; it can also be the part of a simple research essay.

First, what is the purpose of a literature review in an article?

The literature review places the subject in the full context of understanding it.
It can describe the relationship of your work to other essential sources of info.
It provides better and new ways to analyze a previous research
It lets the writer identify similar research materials to avoid redundancy and duplication of materials.
It can initiate a step to produce a new way to conduct research on a given topic.
It helps the writer place his work together with other credible research papers.

Now that you have an idea on the purpose of a literature review, let us now discuss the main elements of the chapter. How to write a literature review should base on the concepts of its elements. Therefore, the writer will have full understanding on what to include in the segment.
The literature review should have the overview of the topic. This should also contain the main objective of the review.

It must have the elements of work for review that will analyze what objective to take, the new one or those alternatives available for research? It should also Have an explanation on how each sources of info relate to each other.
It should contain a conclusion on how the materials for research will affect the overall research result up to the conclusion.

The next practical thing now is for you to learn how to compose the literature review according to steps that you need to execute. Here is a small list of procedures that you should be aware of:
Provide a definition of your topic. This will give you a broader outlook on what to include in the review.

Look for materials that will support the goal of writing.

Analyze and evaluate the materials that you have acquired. Filter those documents that you think will be able to help you establish your thesis.
Interpret the contents of the materials and use them to conclude what you have found in the literary sources of info.

We want to help you further on how to write a literature review. Therefore, we are offering you our essay samples in the Archives. Make sure to download a few copies for your reference.

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