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Fortnite is a compelling management game

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Veröffentlicht: 14-06-2019 um 05:21 von zxgameboost

New weapons and gear are added by Epic so often that there are guaranteed mismatches, exacerbated by lady luck. You could open as many chests as anyone else and earn a death sentence just because they happened upon the motherlode and all you got was four common pistols. The RNG, bless its heart, can be frustrating, but the chances of winning a given match are already so low that losing soon becomes the norm. Accepting that perfect, holy, eternal game balance is not a priority in battle royale is key to enjoying the genre.

Between its muddled design and free-to-play monetization, it would be easy to write off Fortnite as destined for mediocrity. And yet here I am, dozens of hours into the game and ready to get back on the treadmill. That is because deep inside Fortnite is a compelling management game. Over the past year, Epic has added a few new permanent gameplay modes, including the recently introduced Arena, a quasi ranked mode to truly test your skills. Playground and Creative mode, the former is a leisurely building sim basically while the latter lets you create maps and your own rulesets, have added another level to the Fortnite cool-place-to-hangout identity. These modes welcomely slow down the pace and let Fortnite defining feature shine.

Fortnite changes all the time. Really, it often gets multiple updates per week. While some are small, others drastically change regions on the map, bring in new vehicles like the Baller and Driftboard, introduce new limited-time gameplay modes, and litter the map with new weapons such as the sweet Grappler. Permanence isn’t a key feature in Fortnite design, so these changes are almost always temporary. The tweaks alter the overall flow of matches to varying degrees. Sometimes they work, and other times they falter. In the grand scheme of things, the amalgamating identity of Fortnite has kept players on their toes.

But what really separates Fortnite from other murder-to-win games is the unique building mechanic. Using your starting weapon, a pickaxe, you can harvest almost all of the game world features for materials. Trees and fences will get you wood, walls and rocks will get you stone, and staircases and cars will get you metal. Even if you can’t find a weapon, you always have something. You might not be able to outshoot another player, but you can outbuild them. You can knock down a skyscraper and create your own in its place. You can turn an empty field into a maze of ramps and walls and traps.

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