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Veröffentlicht: 19-07-2019 um 05:06 von buymxcnx Kommentare 0
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Onmyoji Arena, MOBA game based in universe Onmyoji finally officially launched with both iOS and Android platforms. NetEase Games was launched in China in January and last but not least arrived in Japan and presently is Southeast Asia. Required, Onmyoji Arena is that title game to the fantasy period of the Heian period of Japan, developed depending on the super hot precursor on Facbook.

Because of the MOBA game genre, the Onmyoji Arena is designed to ensure anyone might participate...

Veröffentlicht: 11-07-2019 um 10:35 von buymxcnx Kommentare 0
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When you are playing Neverwinter you might need to forward some ports in your router. Forwarding ports is a useful trick in gaming because it can really help to make your network connection most stable and sometimes even faster. Routers were not designed to allow incoming network requests and some games can play tremendously better if an incoming connection is forwarded through the router to the game.

The abilities are mapped to a button and it is never difficult to remember what...

Veröffentlicht: 28-06-2019 um 09:35 von buymxcnx Kommentare 0
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Roblox comes by using an editor that makes it easy for kids to acquire and commence building his or her world. The publisher itself has a ton of features that will allow kids to try and do whatever they will think, and while doing so, it's pretty intuitive. It isn't difficult to get started on. Once everyone master the item, the sky is the limit. Many times you might want to make ones objects float like guns, bricks or maybe models or other activity items. To begin this, you need to turn around...

Veröffentlicht: 28-06-2019 um 09:11 von buymxcnx Kommentare 0
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Cooking Fever is a free mobile app cooking video game that conflicts both your time management and strategy expertise. We have got compiled a great deal of tricks, tips and walkthrough strategies that may help you in the action. This includes a game tactic guide, and breakdown per restaurant and also the challenges for each each degree. Getting more food within the table isn’t far too easy especially if you don’t own fast adequate fingers and a mind to multitask faster than people, but you can find...

Veröffentlicht: 29-05-2019 um 11:25 von buymxcnx Kommentare 0
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Neverwinter uses D&D 4th Edition rules, so you have your various Powers to choose from based on your class. Some are at will powers that form the bulk of your hack-and-slash capabilities. Others charge up as you fight, and still others sit on a quick-access bar, recharging quickly in between uses. But these quest mechanics are nothing more than tools. They appear stale when they are implemented mechanically instead of being given a greater meaning with the context of the game world or narrative....

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Die RIGID-FLEX-Technologie
Die RIGID-FLEX-TechnologieDie sogenannte "Flexible Elektronik" , oftmals auch als "Flexible Schaltungen" bezeichnet, ist eine zeitgemäße Technologie zum Montieren von elektronischen Schaltungen.

06.12.2018 | Berni

ebiz-trader 7.5.0 mit PHP7 Unterstützung veröffentlicht
ebiz-trader 7.5.0 mit PHP7 Unterstützung veröffentlichtDie bekannte Marktplatzsoftware ebiz-trader ist in der Version 7.5.0 veröffentlicht worden.

28.05.2018 | Berni


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explorer-ähnliche Darstellung von Verzeichnisinhalten. Ideal für Downloadordner. Möglichkeit Filter zu definieren um nur bestimmte Dateien/Ordner darzustellen. Sehr leicht einzubinden.

16.07.2019 bmitt | Kategorie: PHP/ File
WebAudio Player

Dieser Music-Player demonstriert, was mit der WebAudio-API so alles möglich ist. Er ist dazu gedacht, dass ihr euren Besuchern Musik auf der eigenen Homepage anbieten könnt.

16.07.2019 numaek | Kategorie: JAVASCRIPT/ sonstig
Plates native PHP template system

Plates ist ein natives PHP-Vorlagensystem, das schnell, einfach zu verwenden und einfach zu erweitern ist.

24.05.2019 Berni | Kategorie: PHP/ Framework
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