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Kategorie: Kategorielos
Riffa is the second biggest city in Bahrain, and comprehensively partitioned into West Riffa and East Riffa. These two are the biggest in the Southern Governorate. Riffa is one of the mainstream traveler goals in Bahrain. The East Riffa offers a few attractions to guests including the Riffa Fort (Sheik Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fateh Fort), aside from various shopping centers to look over. The two fundamental shopping avenues here are the Riffa Bazaar and the Bukuwara Street in the Royal Golf Club. The...

Veröffentlicht: 28-02-2020 um 09:30 von isocert Kommentare 0
Kategorie: Kategorielos
Manama is the capital and largest city of the state and emirate of Bahrain. It lies at the northeast tip of Bahrain Island, in the Persian Gulf. About one-fifth of the emirate’s population lives in the city. First mentioned in Islamic chronicles about AD 1345, it was taken by the Portuguese (1521) and by the Persians (1602). It has been held, with brief interruptions, by the ruling Āl Khalīfah dynasty since 1783. Because Bahrain concluded a series of treaties (1861–1914) placing the country...

Veröffentlicht: 01-02-2020 um 09:52 von isocert Kommentare 1
Kategorie: Kategorielos
One of the most crucial parts of the business in this era of competition is tackling the globalization and the rate at which the technology is transforming. Today world is changing day by day with a lot of invasive Technology that is flowing in the market. Soon after the launching of a product or service, it is replaced by one or the other product or service at a faster rate with which the industries and Technology adapted is struggling to inculcate the practices of the changes that are being held...

Veröffentlicht: 27-01-2020 um 09:29 von isocert Kommentare 0
Kategorie: Kategorielos
International Organization for standardization is one of the independent, non profitable and Non- governmental organizations which were developed to help the industries in the field of safety and healthy factors. The organizations could gain trust of the customer if their products or services are safer and healthier. The international organization for standardization has published more than 20000 + of standard depending upon the type of scopes or activities which are being carried out in the organization....
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This is really a wonderful...
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This was a whole new...
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PHP Marktplatz-Software
PHP Marktplatz-SoftwareEs hat sich viel getan! Die neue Version 7.5.9 unserer PHP Marktplatz-Software ebiz-trader steht ab sofort zur Verfügung.

28.10.2019 | Berni

Die RIGID-FLEX-Technologie
Die RIGID-FLEX-TechnologieDie sogenannte "Flexible Elektronik" , oftmals auch als "Flexible Schaltungen" bezeichnet, ist eine zeitgemäße Technologie zum Montieren von elektronischen Schaltungen.

06.12.2018 | Berni


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Formmailer v1.7.0 Bootstrap 4

Formmailer v1.7.0 Bootstrap wurde extra für Bootstrap entwickelt. Mit Bootstrap kann man schnell und einfach kleine oder große Projekte entwickeln, die auf Geräten in allen erdenklichen Formen funktionieren.

16.04.2020 arne-home | Kategorie: PHP/ Formular
Upload v1.1.0 Bootstrap

Mit dem PHP - Uploadscript kann man schnell und einfach Bilder und Dateien auf den Webserver hochladen.

16.04.2020 arne-home | Kategorie: PHP/ File
Microweber CMS

Open source, drag and drop website builder

13.01.2020 Berni | Kategorie: HTML5/ EDITOR
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