UrComment – New Article Comments Extension for Joomla! 1.5

Ajax-driven article comments extension for Joomla! 1.5 - 1st of its kind that provides users the ability to add YouTube videos. UrComment helps you to reduce workload moderation with powerful Akismet spam control that automatically filters your content.

UrComment is an ajax-powered article comments extension for Joomla! 1.5 provided by Joomla.ComdevWeb.com. Comments this extension is the first of its kind that gives users the ability to add YouTube videos to their comments, and includes comments sleek themes creating a trendy looking front end pages.

Many websites have starting to allow users to add comments, join in the discussion, or in other ways react to the related articles. Thus, UrComment is the ideal tool for site admin to easily display a comment submission form to the web page articles, manage comments, change comments visualization, and eliminate comments that do not match your website policy.

UrComment moderation helps you to reduce time and workload with integrated powerful Akismet spam control that automatically filters your content, and make overall comments management faster with sorting, multiple searches, correlate, and comments from same article, IP & users.

With UrComment, your data is protected using the full data backup and restore tool. You can even import comments from other Joomla! commenting system into UrComment seamlessly so you will not comment any loss of your existing records.

Moreover, UrComment provides trackback report, presents comments statistic, top ten active members and most commented articles.

Popular extension on JED
UrComment has now become one of the popular article comments extensions.

Pro and Standard version
UrComment version is available in PRO and Standard. UrComment PRO includes all the features of the Standard version, plus additional cool to have features you just can not miss: --
  • YouTube Video
  • Stylish Comment Themes: bubble talk, sticky note, and smooth
  • Advanced Akismet Spam Protection
  • White Label
  • PRO Customers receive Priority Support

Benefits for Visitors and Web Publishers
  • Share photos and YouTube videos.
  • Express opinions quickly and easily
  • See how other people value the articles of the site.
  • Saving your recent favorites in the 'My Profile' area.
  • Stylish appearance area of comments
  • Works automatically to Keep your website fresh so you can focus on getting new articles.
  • Generate website traffic - Videos added to comments that could be a 'viral' content that others will happily share.
  • Improve your page rank - Search engines are always seeking good, fresh content, so UrComment can make your site into an information-rich resource through regular posting comments.
  • Entice visitors to come back - Frequently updates to article comments through human element can provide a return to website and interesting content to make visitors.
  • Collect valuable feedback from visitors - allow comments about the brilliance of your writing.
  • Use your best content to keep members and visitors engaged in website.

UrComment Features
  • Adding YouTube videos, pictures to comments
  • Ajax-driven - Comment posting & voting, without rating article reload your page
  • Sleek Themes Skin & colors create a trendy area comments
  • Compatible with sh404SEF (New!)
  • Integrate with Community Builder avatars, gravatar support
  • Smart BB Code
  • Nested Comments | Pagination | Comments Counter
  • RSS Feeds & Syndication
  • Trackback Report
  • Ajax Social Bookmarking - Del.icio.us, facebook, google bookmarks, digg, blinklist, technorati, reddit, Yahoo! My Web ..
  • Ajax Tell-a-Friend
  • Quick Moderation -- Correlate comments From same article, IP, user | Multiple searches by email, comment, username
  • Sort List by comment moderation ID, date / time, author, abuse record
  • Powerful spam filters - Advance spam control powered by Akismet | Stop Words | Censor List | Report Abuse
  • Anti-Spam Security - CAPTCHA image
  • Control Ban - Ban user IP
  • Import Comments from Joomla! Comment, AkoComment, ComboMax, and etc
  • Email Notifications - Notify admin of new comments, user receives notification of new reply / post
  • Full Comment Backup & Restore
  • Statistic - Graphical report of published, unpublished, spam comments | Most active members | Top 10 articles
  • White Label - No 'Powered by' link or other link advertising
  • Easy Installation and Updates - All essential components, modules and plugins in package, all installed in 1 click
  • Great Value - From time to time, you will receive FREE modules and plugins to extend the functionality of your component. Pay less for more!
  • Money Back Guarantee | 100% open source code | GPL License | Free Support & Updates 1 Yr
    and much more features at http://joomla.comdevweb.com/comment-feature.php?cid=2029

FREE Modules for Download

Latest Comments Module
* Display the most recent comments posted by community to your articles.
* Available for public download at News section on our website, http://joomla.comdevweb.com/news.php?cid=2029
* UrComment so users can download this module from their client account area.

Feel free to visit http://joomla.comdevweb.com/index.php?cid=2029


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