If you love the feel of outdoors and is thinking of an idea of how to bring the relaxing feeling of staying on the park in your home, then one good option is to recreate your backyard and garden with street furniture.

However, even though you will only be mimicking a park setting on your backyard, it is still important to properly choose the right street furniture to install because they will also serve the same purpose and be exposed on the environment just like the real ones.For a short guide on how to choose the best street furniture, the first factor to be considered is the durability and quality of the fixture.

If you are opting to go for the classic park style, buying wooden street furniture is a wise choice because they look elegant and also require very minimal maintenance. However, wooden furniture is not recommended for use on areas where rain is constant because this can cause the development of mildew on the furniture material. For areas where raining is not constant, using metal furniture can be the best choice because their material are especially designed to survive rusting. What is also good about using metal furniture is that they can be easily cleaned by rain so they need less maintenance than the wooden ones.

The situations where metal benches are not wise to use, on the other hand, are those where they can be constantly exposed to sun or if they are installed on places like sea or coastal sides where they can be regularly wafted with salt-laden air.