Paid help - Email to mySQL

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  • Paid help - Email to mySQL

    Need paid help.

    I am trying to send all emails coming to to mysql by breaking email in fields like $sender, $date, $subject, and $body. Though I am successful in breaking email in above fields but facing following problems:

    a) When someone is sending HTML (bit 7) email, how do I convert it into ASCII/text of that email?

    b) When some is sending email with attachment/s, how attachments could be detached?

    c) Last, in email headers when header is between "< >" like (From: <John Paul>) - whatever is within strips "< >" is not detectable, when using standard php commands.

    Can someone provide me workable script?

    Will pay $40 to save my time on further research.


    John Paul

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