Who can help? Datenbak / credit account

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  • Who can help? Datenbak / credit account

    Hello everyone,,
    Who can help? Do not know me so well. Therefore, like to offer payment.

    I can not get any further. Users can register on my page. Data is also saved. However I would like to have additionally a user credit account (one calls it so?). So showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate.vet/ that the user can see at a glance what credit he has. Furthermore, I would like to make an admin booking.

    My database would be at Strato MySQL version.

    Would be grateful for help.
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    So what's your concept of this credit system? How should the user interact with it? If you just want to show a number to the user, store it within a new column in the user table. The task "credit system" has an infinite complexicity.