How can PHP's "new user experience" be improved?

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  • How can PHP's "new user experience" be improved?

    I put together some thoughts on PHP's new user experience from my recent experiences delving into Python (after not having touched it in-depth in quite a while and never writing anything web-based or from-scratch with it) and my experiences providing help in online chat.

    I included some simple suggestions that I think could improve the basic new user experience, but I believe there's more that could be done.

    What changes (in particular to the official website / documentation on, but not necessarily) do you think could improve PHP's new user experience?

    If you're new to PHP (and/or programming) or provide resources / teaching for those who are:

    Where are newer developers getting stuck and what are they having trouble with?

    What areas of the official documentation could be improved, and in what way? (Make it simpler? More in-depth? Alternative approaches?)

    Are there any resources you've found particularly valuable?

    What did you find good about the current new user experience / documentation?