OnPremise versus Cloud - fin the right system

In this article, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of cloud or on-premise systems. And why it is definitely time to move to the cloud.

There's this simple explanation that, while true, doesn't tell the whole truth: "There is no cloud. It is just someone else's computer." This article deals with issues that are important when choosing a suitable system and in the end also facilitate the decision Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or OnPremise system in-house. 

But what exactly is the cloud?


Of course, it is not just "...someone else's computer". It's not just a computer, it's an overall concept that has long been used in the private sector. We store and watch videos for free on YouTube rather than on our own infrastructure. Because it's easier, more convenient and cheaper for us. We watch videos on various streaming providers. Why don't we rent DVD's or watch "normal TV" anymore?  Because it is easier, more convenient and cheaper.


We store information, pictures and many private things in all kinds of cloud drive accounts, most of which come with a certain free quota of storage space. 


In our everyday (private) lives, the cloud has long been popular. You can of course live without cloud applications, but many especially the younger generation already use these cloud applications. So there are many reasons why the cloud has been so successful recently.


Of course, one can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloud applications. Before making a decision, it is important to clearly show where the strengths and weaknesses of the two concepts, cloud and on-premise, lie in the ERP area. Particularly in the business sector, doubts about the cloud are greater than, for example, among private users of streaming services. 


We have explained the terms On Premise and Cloud systems again below:

What is meant by OnPremise?


OnPremise refers to licensing models for ERP software. OnPremises are hosted on own or rented servers. 


What is a Cloud solution?

A cloud solution is, for example, an ERP system that stores all data, as the name suggests, in the cloud. This allows mobile access to required data from any device. 


What is the difference between On Premise and Cloud?

On Premise solutions use a company-owned server, while for Cloud solutions, data is stored via mobile storage. OnPremise systems must be maintained independently, while cloud software is managed by the provider.


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