Advantages of a flexible ERP system

A flexible ERP system provides the basis for successful management, organization and planning of all processes in all areas of the company.

We will show you which advantages they make possible and why a flexible ERP system for discrete manufacturing offers great potential.

What is an ERP system?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is essentially the interface and collection point for all corporate tasks. Resources and personnel are managed across different departments, IT and communication technology are organized and the company’s orientation is planned on the basis of informative analyzes.

ERP systems can be adapted to the requirements of the business model and the company and can also be linked to external partners and customers. The goal of an ERP system is generally to make the processes more efficient by simplifying interaction and communication.

Cloud ERP systems are particularly popular, as they allow location-independent access to all end devices and thus maximum flexibility. In this way, workflows can be optimized and the effectiveness of all processes can be sustainably increased.

Use synergy effects

The synergy effect is the interplay of different forces, which additionally promote each other through mutual interaction. With regard to flexible ERP systems, these effects can be used primarily in discrete manufacturing. From the planning to the organization of the production process to the final delivery of the end products, intelligent solutions are proposed that offer all departments and thus the entire company added value. Here you can find out how to find the right ERP for your SME.

Concrete components of this optimization are the reduction of machine downtimes, the avoidance of shortages of raw materials or other materials as well as Predictive Maintenance. Predictive maintenance describes preventive maintenance that ensures that machines are serviced before they come to a standstill due to defects or malfunctions.

Process optimization through extensive networking

The core of a successful ERP system is a high degree of internal company networking, which is based on a uniform database management system. Individual data records do not have to be created in every department, but a system can be accessed uniformly for projects, customers or other processes. This not only makes it possible to work more efficiently, but also prevents errors.

If individual company processes are outsourced, it is important that the company partners receive relevant access authorizations for your ERP system. An example is the accounting by an external tax office.

For whom is an ERP system suitable?

Basically, an ERP system offers advantages for every company. Many providers of ERP solutions offer additional services that can be individually designed depending on the industry or business model. The ERP system adapts to the company, not the company to the ERP system.

Basically, a flexible ERP system offers more potential with increasing company size, since there the administrative effort is much higher, for which an ERP solution offers support. But even in small companies, a uniform, networked system can provide the perfect interface between employees or departments.

In manufacturing companies in particular, a smart ERP system can exploit great potential, since a great deal of planning has to be dealt with in order to produce efficiently. From warehouse logistics to batch or series planning to predictive maintenance, there are many factors that influence production.

Conclusion: flexible ERP systems

A flexible ERP system can be individually adapted to the requirements of a company and thus enables an increase in the efficiency of all processes. It is important that all company areas are networked with one another and can access the same ERP system instead of working with isolated solutions in individual departments.



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