New functions in PhpStorm 2024.1 for PHP developers

PhpStorm 2024.1 offers a wide range of new features that will make the heart of every PHP developer beat faster.

The latest version offers everything you need for efficient and convenient development work, from local AI-driven code completion to improvements for testing frameworks and new editor functions.

Local AI-based code completion

One highlight is the complete code completion per line for PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript and HTML, which also works without internet access. This feature analyses and processes data directly on your device, enabling extremely fast offline code completion with minimal latency. This approach not only makes code suggestions that do not contain non-existent variables or methods, but also ensures that your generated codes comply with data protection guidelines, as no connection to external servers is required.

Support for Symfony's AssetMapper

Furthermore, support for Symfony's AssetMapper has been added, which enables the quick installation of missing modules and packages via importmap.php and provides full autocompletion for their classes and methods.

New terminal (beta)

A new terminal is available, which you can activate under Settings. Bash, Zsh and PowerShell are currently supported, other shells are under development.

Editor improvements

Another useful function is the pinned lines in the editor, which fix key elements such as the start of classes or methods at the top of the editor when scrolling. This makes it much easier to navigate through the code.

Improvements for Pest and PHPUnit 11.0

Navigation and the creation of new tests have been improved for the Pest testing framework. In addition, PHPUnit 11 is now supported, including notifications and quick fixes for deprecated configuration attributes and methods.

Further improvements

Other improvements include the direct opening of class and file links in the editor, improvements to dd, var_dump and symfony/var-dumper, checks for vulnerable PHP packages in composer.json and support for Rsync in WSL. In addition, the frontend updates were mentioned, including notes on the use of components in Vue, Svelte and Astro files and a new widget for language services.



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