PHPStan supports PHP 8.2

PHPStan is a static code analysis tool for PHP and now supports PHP up to version 8.2

PHPStan supports PHP 8.2

In the current version PHPStan supports PHP up to version 8.2. When PHP 8.3 will be supported is not yet determined, as the developers write in their blog.

What is PHPStan?

PHPStan is a very useful tool for PHP developers to find and avoid possible errors in PHP code. For example, it can detect invalid method calls, inconsistent types, missing error handlers and many other problems in PHP code.

When PHPStan is used during development, you can detect possible errors early and fix them before they lead to bigger problems. You can also set up PHPStan as part of a continuous integration workflow to ensure that code remains consistent and error-free as it is worked on by different developers.

PHPStan is also useful if you want to analyze existing PHP code to make possible improvements or identify issues in the code that may be affecting maintainability or performance, and give you suggestions for possible solutions.

How can I use PHPStan?

To use PHPStan, you must first ensure that it is installed on your system. PHPStan is available as a Composer package and can be installed with the following command:

composer require --dev phpstan/phpstan

Once PHPStan is installed, you can use it as follows:

  1. First, set the configuration file for PHPStan. This file contains the settings that PHPStan should use when analyzing the code. You can create the configuration file using the following command:
    vendor/bin/phpstan init​
  2. You can then apply PHPStan to your code using the following command:
    vendor/bin/phpstan analyse path/to/code​

The above command analyzes the code in the specified directory and outputs possible problems or errors. You can also analyze multiple directories or files at once by appending them as arguments to the command.

There are also many options you can use to customize PHPStan's behavior. For example, you can set the analysis level to perform more or less rigorous analysis, or exclude certain files or directories from analysis. For more information, see the PHPStan documentation.

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