PhpStorm 2022. 3 update with PHP 8.3 support

PhpStorm now support PHP 8. 2, the latest version of PHP. Thus, all the new features introduced in the PHP 8. 2 version can be used.

PhpStorm is an integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP application development. The update offers a variety of features and tools that enable PHP developers to write and manage PHP code even more efficiently.

  • Syntax highlighting and code completion
  • Support for the use of various PHP frameworks and libraries
  • Integration with different versions of PHP
  • Support for the use of databases and SQL
  • Functions for debugging and testing PHP applications
  • Integration with various development tools and platforms.

Overall, PHPStorm provides a comprehensive and powerful environment for PHP application developmen

What is new in PhpStorm 2022.3?

PhpStorm now supports PHP 8. 2, the latest version of PHP. Thus, all the new features introduced in the PHP 8. 2 version can be used.



New user interface as preview

The new user interface is now available for PHP developers to try out as a beta. Those who want to test the new PhpStorm user interface can switch to the new interface under "Files/Settings/Appearance & Behavoir".


Code Vision

More meta information about the PHP code displayed in the editor. This includes the number of times a particular class, property, interface, method, or function has been used. Those who use Git also get more information about who owns code or who has made changes to the PHP code.


PHP 8.2

PhpStorm offer PHP developers many new features that make it much easier to write PHP code cleanly and clearly. Those who want to use the new features to PHP 8. 2 must not forget to switch to current PHP version in the IDE to PHP 8. 2.

What else is new in PhpStorm 2022.

Brief summary of the main improvements

  • Redis support in database tools 
  • Reader mode for PHPDocs
  • Improved quick documentation
  • Xdebug Setup Validierung
  • ParaTest-support
  • WordPress support for get_header(), get_sidebar() und get_footer() 
  • and much more

PhpStorm 2022. 3 is now available to all PHP developers.

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PhpStorm ist eine wirklich gute IDE. Wir setzen PhpStorm bereits seit im Team Jahren ein. Was mir als PHP-Entwickler besonders gut gefällt, ist, dass man seinen Editor direkt mit anderen PHP-Entwickler teilen kann. Sehr hilfreich, wenn man mal wieder den PHP-Code vor lauter Buchstaben nicht sieht.
Written by Bernie At 07.12.2022 14:13:59

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