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Januar 2023

DeepL Extension Write published as beta

eingestellt am 18.01.2023

DeepL has released a new service called "write" that aims to improve spelling and grammar with AI.

Dezember 2022

PHPStan supports PHP 8.2

eingestellt am 22.12.2022

PHPStan is a static code analysis tool for PHP and now supports PHP up to version 8.2

xt:Commerce 6.5 for PHP 8.1 and new PayPal Checkout

eingestellt am 21.12.2022

The open source online store software xt:Commerce now supports PHP 8.1. in version 6.5 and discontinues support for PHP 7.4.

Providers for cookie notice and user consent on websites - What to consider?

eingestellt am 12.12.2022

Implement cookie policies on website in compliance with the GDPR - this is how it works

PhpStorm 2022. 3 update with PHP 8.3 support

eingestellt am 07.12.2022

PhpStorm now support PHP 8. 2, the latest version of PHP. Thus, all the new features introduced in the PHP 8. 2 version can be used.

What do I need to set in WordPress to Stop loading Google Fonts?

eingestellt am 05.12.2022

Want to stop WordPress from using Google Fonts? Here you can learn what you need to set in WordPress.

Wave of warnings about Google Fonts - what should I be aware of and how can I protect myself?

eingestellt am 02.12.2022

A wave of warnings about Google Fonts is currently rolling through the country and unsettling many website operators. The decisive factor for this was a ruling by the Munich Regional Court dated 20.01.2022.

November 2022

What characterizes a full-stack web developer and what skills must a full-stack web developer have?

eingestellt am 27.11.2022

In more and more job advertisements you can read the term "full-stack web developer". But what actually makes a full-stack web developer? Which web development topics should he or she be able to cover?

phpFox 4.8.11 released

eingestellt am 16.11.2022

phpFox, a professional Facebook clone script has been released in version 4.8.11

Mai 2022

OnPremise versus Cloud - fin the right system

eingestellt am 09.05.2022

In this article, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of cloud or on-premise systems. And why it is definitely time to move to the cloud.

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