What is meant by a UX/UI design?

We deal with it every day, but what does "UX / UI design" actually mean?

The term UX/UI design is used for web design. It is a combination of user experience and user interface.

What do we mean by User Experience (UX) and User Interface(UI)?

User Experience (UX)

User experience is what a user feels when using something. It is the feeling a user has when using a website or an app. When a user uses your website or app, they may feel frustration, joy, annoyance, confusion, or some other feeling.

User Interface(UI)

The user interface is the way a user interacts with your website or app. A user interface is typically the design of buttons, menus, icons, or other objects that a user sees when interacting with your website or app. For example, when a user clicks a button, a menu appears.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI design is a combination of user experience and user interface.
A good UX/UI is often responsible for the success of a project. Websites as well as programs that are very confusing and complicated in design will have a hard time gaining acceptance from their users. 

Why is good UX/UI design so important?

A good UX/UI design is important because it makes websites or applications easier to use and can also bring some fun to the user.

Imagine the following:

Someone wants to visit you or your company. On the website you have published the complete directions as text. The user now has to read the complete text to be able to visit you. Wouldn't it be much easier for him if you simply provided him with a link that redirects him to Google Maps with one click?
Both serve their purpose. However, the solution with the redirect should make it much easier for the user.

Similarly, when a user interacts with your website or app: It will take him a long time to be able to use the website or your online store if the layout and user guidance is very complicated.

This is why UX/UI design is so important.

What are UX/UI designers?

UX/UI designers are professionals who help companies create user-friendly websites and apps. UX/UI designers are also responsible for the design as well as the appearance and flow within an application.

The main difference between a UX designer and a UI designer is that the UI designer is mainly responsible for the aesthetic aspect, where as the UX designer is responsible for the understandability and usability of the application. Often UX designers are also UI designers.

How do I create a good UX/UI design?

The first step to good UX/UI design is to analyze and understand your target audience. You need to know who your users are, what they want, and what their expectations are when using your website or app. Once you have this information, you can start designing or improving your website or app.

A few tips

  • Focus on your audience.
  • Choose an appropriate color scheme.
  • Use proven techniques to keep the learning curve as low as possible.
  • Ensure easy navigation within the website or app
  • Do not overload the page with text and useless content
  • Do not exaggerate the information content of a page


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